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Sir Romanus N. Egbulefu
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The youths certainly experience a lot of problems during the time of growth particularly on account of their associates’ pressure. 

Nowadays they know that the society has a lot of influence on the adolescent transformation, and this has made the younger people at the stage of development to look unto God in order to handle the challenges and learn the lessons of their period.  

The ages from eighteen to twenty five years signify the period of adolescent, a transition from childhood to adulthood which involves several transformationary processes.

A good number of younger people wish to leave the restrictions of their homes to associate freely with their pals.  They also wish to attach themselves to influential people, by trying to assume adults’ roles without the full maturity for adults’ obligations.

 Intermittently, it causes disagreement between the children and their parents or guardians.  In some cases, the children do not want to be disciplined or cautioned when they are at faults. They often insist on what they want and dictate what they like best, relying on their spurious knowledge and positions in their various families.  

Hope often interferes with sound reasoning; they believe in wealth and other related life of affluence. Who believes?

Sir Romanus N. Egbulefu
Sir Romanus N. Egbulefu

There is an unruly encounter raging for the souls and future of the younger people and we cannot afford to lose them.  If adolescents can be encouraged to pay attention and read scriptural passages, much good can be achieved.

 In the books of Proverbs Chapter 12 Verse 26 and Corinthians Chapter 15 Verse 33, the adolescents were cautioned to be cautious about the friends they choose or keep because such acquaintances may apply a strong positive or negative influence. 

The children should be encouraged not to become enemies of the Creator because of the associations they affiliate themselves to.  

It is imperative to consult God concerning every matter, even if it seems minor.  The God who created Heaven and Earth knows all things and there is nothing significant any creature can do without Him.

Many children disclose social issues to their companions rather than their parents. This sometimes causes parental/children disputes when the advice given by their peers runs contrary to what the parents would have advised.

 Considerable young adults like reading idealistic literature or novels besides watching the movies. They are preoccupied with material things like clothes, cosmetics and development of their body sizes to suit the fashion and culture of the 21st Century.  


Nowadays, a good number of them parade themselves almost in nudity on the streets and in other related public places as a result of indiscipline. They sag their trousers or knickers and move about on the streets in confidence, portraying total ignorance to the existence of God. 

 Parents and those placed at the positions of Trust and Authority, including thel Clerics and/or Religious must be aware that the devil may be taking advantage of adolescence ages to ruin the future of the children. As such, the children should always be cautioned when found wanting.

Most often immoralities contribute to health challenges as venereal diseases are contacted through indiscriminate sexual intercourse. The youths may be keen to express their feelings, which often induce them into immoral acts or premarital affairs. 

It is advisable for the youths or even the married adults to abstain from arbitrary sexual intercourse, because it is a gate-way to demonic penetration into their bodies and minds. 

On another development, a good number of cooperate bodies encourage sexual indulgence, and immorality through undue targets given to her marketers in order to retain their remunerated jobs. In any case, there may be instantaneous rewards, but the ills of the act most often are long lasting.

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