Ebonyi govt vows to cut all tinted hair… Saint Anacho

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Towards ensuring thorough eradication of indecency and all manner of social vices among Urban dwellers in Abikiliki,
Ebonyi state capital, the government in collaboration
with the office of the special assistant to the Ebonyi state Governor on Internal Security,  Public and Capital Utility,  embarked on street awareness and sensitisation of young people to shun all related acts.

Governor David Umahi who disclosed this through the
S.A on Internal Security Saint Nchekube Anacho pointed out that the quest to end appearances the society abhors such as provocative outfits, tinting of the hair would not only sanitize the area but also ensure the security of lives and property of people living in Abakaliki.

Interacting with Newsmen in his office, in Abikiliki, Saint Anacho, regretted that the current global pandemic of Coronavirus had led to security threats “especially amongst the youths, thus the need to sensitise more, as well as to enforce decency amongst young people to make them productive and responsible to the society.

Speaking further, he said: “the ultimate aim is to curb insecurity in Ebonyi state. This COVID-19 has brought in alot of people from different places into Ebonyi state, and we started witnessing what we have not been seing, such as kidnapping of children, stealing or snatching, incessant, we decided to fight it to stand still.

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“And we organized ourselves and started patrolling day and night, arresting motorcycles without plate number, we look at thier motives and psychology, thier source of motivation to commit crime and thier type of being as people.

“Having philosophically calculated these crimes, what level of people, what manner of people, how do they associate, where do they go, thier operation styles,we found out that they are mostly these young people with tinted hair Styles.

“The people we arrested are mostly these small boys who don’t want to do anything but they want to ride Jeep, they know all the latest Jeeps in town but they are not doing anything to earn a daily living but they want to fly, these are the problems, and these boys are within the ages of 15 and 22,

” We are fighting crime and social Indicency is  part of crime, one thing leads to the other, I usually tell parents at my sensitations that when a boy starts smoking cigarettes the next he graduates to Indian hemp, from there to cocaine, when he starts drugging, next is armed robbery because he wouldn’t have the financial capacity to maintain it”

Saint Anacho, however, reiterated that his office was committed to flushing out all forms of social indicency within the Capital City in the shortest sketch of time, while advising parents to always look out for thier children to know thier whereabouts, as well as thier daily dealings with peer groups in other “to avoid bad company corrupting good manners.

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“Look, I raid most of these betting shops, because that is where you see all these funny characters, I want to sanitise this town, we don’t want any sort of social Indicency Within The Capital City,

“I have bought a lot of sissors to cut down tinted hairs, we have warned barbing saloons within the city to stop the act because it is not our culture, and if you call it civilization you get it wrong,

” we don’t want any immoral act that tends to lead to criminality, we are operating within the ambide of the law, concentrating on mostly boys sagging with tinted hairs, human Rights is not the rights to do social norms”.

In addition, he advised individuals and parents to be security conscious, urging them to report any suspicious movement to the appropriate security authority, adding, “and my office will not hesitate to take necessary action.

By Chijioke Njoku

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