Ebonyi SWAN elects new leadership, as Emma Nnaji emerges chairman

1st(R): Comrd. Emmanuel Nnaji, Chairman, Sports Writers' Association of Nigeria, Ebonyi State Chapter, and other newly elected officials of the Association.
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Ebonyi SWAN elects new leadership, as Emma Nnaji emerges chairman

Sports Writers Association of Nigeria(SWAN), Ebonyi state chapter, yesterday elected new leaders to pilot the affairs of the union in the state.

Those elected included Emmanuel Nnaji(Chairman), Kelechi Okoro(Vice Chairman), Grace Egbo(Secretary), Chinwe Imo Eze(Assistant Secretary), Joy Onuora(Financial Secretary) and Andy Nwogha(Treasurer).

The election was witnessed by an Ex-officio of the Association at the national level, Chief Foster Chime and Zonal Secretary, Mrs. Ijeoma Nwante of the Nigeria Television Authority(NTA).

Cosmos Egba of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) was the Chairman of the electoral committee.

Chime while addressing the Association, urged the members to remain united and ensure that SWAN continue to exist in the state.

Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN, Ebonyi State Chapter

He called on the new leadership to carry the members along to take the union to enviable heights.

In his address, the new Chairman of the Association, Emmanuel Nnaji of Blaze 91.5Fm, commended the members for being resolute in the union.

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“This victory is dedicated to the peace-loving and law-abiding members of (SWAN) who remained resolute to the leadership of Hon Sirawo because he is a custodian of peace and development, and is an encouragement to us all to redouble our efforts in the struggle for Sport journalism growth in Ebonyi State and Nigeria.

“For peace to be achieved we cannot only look at conflict resolution and its architecture but we also have to look at developing this great Association. Amongst the top priorities of my Agenda in (SWAN) is to empower members in different ways. But first we must inculcate these in our minds; genuine tolerance of differences, dialogue, compromise and the spirit of give and take. Because without that we will not be able to manage conflicts in a non violent way. The dialogue must also include proper management of diversity… because most conflicts we see in different Associations are to a large measure failure to manage diversity within the Association.

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“So dialogue and management of diversity is important. The dialogue must be amongst people, it must be born out of mutual respect without one seeking to dominate another. In this context, my team and I are called upon to always show empathy and compassion towards our members, irrespective of colour, heights, creed, religion, sex or age.

“Its a Clarion call for members of my team that all hands must be on deck to create prosperity not for few but for all members of this great Association. Lets create economic growth that does not maximise profit for shareholders only, but promotes social and economic progress for all in SWAN.

“Let me conclude by thanking you Mr. Foster Chime for your fatherly advice and others as well as those that have worked with us in partnership not only those we have worked with today because what is being awarded today is work done over the years by many generations”, he said.

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